Which Profile Categories Do You Belong To?

Have you ever though of what does customer value means to you?

In a business point of view to be successful, companies need to comprehend consumer’s consumption motives and behaviours so that they are able to create value for customer.

Identifying the target audience must be accurate and precise. Smart Insights shows an example of various segmentation methods that can use in marketing strategies. With that, a niche market for a brand’s product/ service can be identified to create a buyer persona.

Likewise, if you view it in marketing terms, it means how you studied on the consumer’s needs and wants before even introducing the product to the shoppers.

That brings me to the next point, on the scale from 1 to 6, how convinced are you that a particular product you bought or service you received has created some form of customer value for you?

In today’s blog, I will be sharing my thoughts on the four types of categories consumers are being classified as using the Four Segment Facebook Engagement Framework with reference from Hodis and colleagues (2015)

So what are they?

Can you spot which categories you belong to?

#Attention Seekers

Attention seekers have high levels of creation but low consumption of content. They would portray themselves by artificial situations, like to be standout in the crowd, creating eye-catching social content via social media to gain attention. In this way, it allows them to gain more “likes”.

An example would be an social influencer, known to be a market maven because of their knowledge and interest for a particular product/services.

Above shown is an example of Singapore Influencer, Xiaxue. They would create an engaging post to attract her followers to “Like” her posts as well as participating in the giveaway contest.

#Entertainement Chasers

As mention earlier on Xiaxue’s giveaway contest; usually you will find entertainment chasers around.

Another example would be, when Shoppee has “Flash Deals” or 24 hrs Deal Quizzes/Games, entertainer seekers will be the one sharing all the good deals to their family and friends.


Devotees are the ones with high consumption and creation of content. They are the everyday people known as the orginary people who express and share their real views, thoughts, feelings freely without being afraid of what other people might think towards related social issues. Also, having strong bonds with their peers on social platforms makes them the ideal kind of ambassador.

Source: (Instagram,2019)

An example above shows how you can easily spot devotees users on Instagram, search #inspiration, and you will be able to find them. Not often they will share sad posts, but they will find them commenting on friends or sharing of emotional quotes that might be relatable to them.

To establish engaging content as well as user-generated content, companies should target devotees who are known as the everyday people. Usually, the most credible form of advertising among consumers are recommendations from people that related to you, someone whom you may trust.

#Connection Seekers

Connection seekers are individuals that have high consumption and low creation of content. They would like to build a community with their friends through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

For instance, connection seekers like to keep in touch with their family and friends. If their friends went overseas for further studies, they would be more likely to comment on their friend’s posts instead of posting content for themselves.

Now, let’s bring what we have covered earlier in the business perspective.

By utilizing the Business Model on the web, allow the marketers to understand how consumers behaviours and look at the different ways of engagement with four profile categories users to effectively strategies social media planning.

Hence, it also brings me to the next point. Imagine a business without any review or feedback?

Source: Fan & Fuel

Above shows, a graph chart depicts a survey done based on consumers searching for the latest reviews and feedback as guidance towards their purchasing decision. Hence when there is zero online customer evaluation for a business, it does not show a good sign.

Not to worry, here are 10 tips for persuading the consumers to leave a review for your brand. Reviews/Queries can also be an alternative act as Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) which instantly “reply” to the consumer are in doubts.

Lastly but not least,I would like to share about scarcity marketing. It is one of the most effective marketing that veteran marketers utilise. Entertainment Seekers and Attention Seekers are extremely sensitive to phrases like “limited time only” and “while stock last”. It stimulates their emotional impulses to take action immediately. They tend to have more affection towards what they might lose out then what they gain.

One good example will be Black Friday Sales, mega sales for only one day. Some of the e-commerce sites like appeal websites (MDS, Theclosletlover, Theveletdolls and many more) will go the extra mile to put a countdown timing on their website page. These are the little things that make consumer’s heart goes itchy and excited for the sales.

Shoppers will start adding their wanted product into their shopping carts and wait for the golden time to check out so that they will not miss a great deal.

Another example would be Shopee’s daily flash deals.

Do you think you can capture consumer’s heart now?

All in all, with essential market research and clear understanding of segmentation of the target audience, allows businesses to create customer value. Not only, it leaves a great customer experience and also a reputation for the branding.

I would love to hear your opinion on what you think customer value is. So, what do you think your profile categories do you fall under? Please leave a comment below and show some love.

Signing off,

Published by Joanne Wang

Hello! I am Joanne and here is where I share my thoughts about digital marketing topics. Please feel free to leave a comment on each topic and share your opinions with me too! :)

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  1. Hi Joanne, this post is really informative! I agree that companies should try to attract devotees, as word of mouth is important and I will be more inclined to heed the advices of those around me. How do you think companies should attract these devotees? Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Kimberly, thank you for the comment. I believe that brands should leverage Devotees and make use of their massive fan base to spread brand awareness.
      Besides, Devotees are more credible and truthful as they have strong ties with their friends on social media. For a company to attract devotees, they need to understand Devotees are seeking some much-needed emotional support, and tend to prefer text status updates rather than pictures. Also, Facebook browsing has become ritualised and essential to their normal daily functioning. Therefore, companies can tap on Devotees’ traits and create emotional content that is lengthy text with no image added. It will attract Devotees’ attention and they will comment on your content entry as they are always scrolling on social media content that relateable to them. Afterall, Devotees are known as everyday people. They would portray a more genuine image of the brand which leads to “customer reviews”. So what are your thoughts on my reply? Do share them with me when you are free! 🙂


  2. Hi Joanne! This is really insightful, thank you for sharing! In my opinion, customer value would indicate how well you know your market and how you capture the hearts of the consumer.

    Hope to read more post from you next time!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Tricia, thank you for reading my blog. Yes, I do agree with you. Customer value is the difference between the benefits that customer gains from owning & using a product vs the costs of obtaining it. In reference to Smith & Colgate’s customer-value framework, there are four types of categories.

      You may also refer to this link for more information.

      If you have any doubts, you can always share your thoughts with me. Hope you enjoy the rest of the blog! Cheers.


  3. Hi, I just got to know about this four-segment Facebook engagement framework from your blogpost. I never see it from the point of view before and how which segments actually works by knowing the objective and identify the target audience for businesses. Thank you for those examples ! By the way, I am connection seeker. What about you ? 🙂


    1. Thank you for finding my blog engaging and glad you gain new knowledge as well. I am a connection seeker too. I like to stay connected with my friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram (IG). Everyone is occupied with their school work or even career progression. Usually, the only way to connect to them promptly is via social media. I prefer commenting and browsing at their IGstories or IGpost instead of posting a post about myself. Do you feel the same way as I do?


  4. Hello ! I am an entertainer chaser because I am always on social media for funny videos and entertainment to kill time . I am just curious do firms actually target attention seekers ? As they have Low consumption in their content.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Maggie. Thank you for stopping by to read my blog. I am a connection seeker, where I like to stay connected with my friends on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram (IG). I prefer commenting and browsing at their IG stories or IG post instead of posting a post about myself.
      Business can reach attention seekers through collaboration with them. For example, local influencers (Xiaxue), which I have mentioned earlier on my blog post, she has quite a massive amount of followers. Therefore it allows followers to be exposed to a particular brand from the influencers. Usually, influencers will help to advertise the brand by conducting gift aways, or they write a review on the products delivered to them for free to try it out. This will increase in the hand awareness as businesses leverage on the number of followers that influencers have. Hope I answered your questions, and do let me know if you have any views on it too. 🙂


  5. Hey there , I have a good read . I am entertainer seekers here . Do you think there is only particular category which business can only leverage on to spread awareness for their branding ?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Jun Jie. Yes, I feel that there is a particular category that businesses should leverage on like the Devotees, by making use of their massive followers to spread brand awareness. Devotees are more credible as they have strong ties with their friends on social media compared to other categories.

      One reason why I did not choose attention seekers is that not everyone likes attention seekers. It will result in a negative impact where consumers will deem the brand as being arrogant or bossy. They might feel that the brand has paid attention seekers (the Influencers ) to promote their brand with unreal post/content and images that may look “fake” to get many “likes”. Therefore, it affects not only the brand image but also the firm’s reputation. As word of mouth is important hence with the help of Devotees, consumers will be more inclined to heed the advice or knowledge from those around them. So what are your thoughts? Do share them with me. 🙂


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