Why Is Social Media Beneficial to the Global Business Today?

Have you ever wonder why is social media being the number one thing that people cannot live without in the current society?

Did you also know that 85% of Singaporean spend average of at least 2 hours per day scrolling through their social persona daily while Facebook remains the top social media platform in the world currently? That’s insane !

In today’s fast paced world, Social Media have become a platform that connects you to the cyber world with a tap of your fingertip. It allows users to communicate online to share informations,ideas, contents, reviews and even personal messages conveniently to anyone.

It is no longer digital marketing without social media as compared to the past, where people communicate with each other through handwritten letters. The digital world has evolved remarkably fast that it becomes a massive platform for businesses, organisations and even entrepreneurs to tap on social media as their marketing tool to reach out to their target audience.

Wondering why?

Because of today’s internet savvy audience.

It can potentially convert a potential lead to the targeted group of audience and their customer will eventually become loyal to the brand’s service or product at a very economical price without any third-party intervention. Not only that, it will symbolise an identification and recognition of a brand.

Social Media also helps in optimizing search engines and increase in the ranking of any company’s websites.

Your brand is your reputation !

What I had mentioned above are a few characteristics which are highly important for any business to realise the influence and power of social media dominating over inhabitants of our world today, both virtually and physically.

Let me share 3 reasons with you why i said so.

#1 Brand Awareness

Using Avinash Kaushik’s See-Think-Do-Care Business Framework, it allows marketers to comprehend that it is particularly essential for the target market to be exposed to the advertisement first at the “SEE” stage. It can be done through sharing at various social media platform like Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn.

With entertaining and engaging content using both visuals and audios, this creates an opportunity for the business to create more exposure and awareness for their branding through social media to the users. With that, through repeated exposure of the advertisement allows consumers to “THINK” about the product and services offered, which will lead to an increase in brand awareness.

The reason for doing so is to make users ponder about the brand . With curiosity, they will start doing their own research.

Ultimately, what marketers wants is to get user’s personal information of certain habits in their database. It could be as simple as subscription to newsletter or making a purchase. Hence the “DO” stage starts to get important for customer to take action.

The final “CARE” stage where it is the most critical part where markets would like consumers to leave online feedback by sharing their experience and thoughts about the product or service. By doing so, not only allows businesses to have more referral but also able to increase the loyalty of the consumers. Besides, it is also a channel where they can improve their branding better by considering customer’s review through social media.

#2 Inbound Traffic

Marketers need to grasp every opportunity given when users are always on social media. If marketers do not market their brand well, the more likely they are going to lose the opportunity to reach out to consumers from their business, and the inbound traffic is limited to consumers.

To improve the traffic of the website, marketers have to come up with entertaining and creative posts or articles in social media. This will encourage readers to click on the website after being exposed to an engaging post.

Therefore, it is like a gateway for every business if marketers add their websites to their social media profile. It not only boost traffic across all channels but also market the business and branding to consumers.

#3 Brand Loyalty

With the ease of social media platform allows consumers to interact and express their thoughts about the brand conveniently.

One good example will be Glossier, whereby they showcase how their business marketers interact and build a community with customers by using social media such as Instagram and Facebook.

Not only that, it gives consumer feel that Glossier is always there for them when they needed help but are truthful as well in terms of using real people as their ambassador/reviews and not just celebrity or influencers.

In conclusion, with great content being created and posted via social media, it allows businesses to stay connected with their consumers through the community they have built. It depicts identity for the company and by comprehending what the customers’ needs and not just wants are.Users will then naturally engage when they have exposed to a particular branding.

That’s a successful marketing ! Don’t you think so ?

Thats all for me for now. Do let me know your thoughts about what i have mention earlier down in the comment section below.

Have a great week ahead !

Published by Joanne Wang

Hello! I am Joanne and here is where I share my thoughts about digital marketing topics. Please feel free to leave a comment on each topic and share your opinions with me too! :)

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful insights. Technology has more than infiltrating our lives, and it is already a massive part of our lives now, just like social media. Even a “not that tech-savvy” person like me have to adapt to social media.

    There are advantage and disadvantage when it comes to social media. However, looking at the positive side, you will notice its not too bad, especially for the current generation where we do not write handwritten letters anymore. Interacting with people can be much convenient and even google for reviews/feedbacks before purchasing items. I hope to read more of your upcoming blog post. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Catherine. Thank you for finding my blog engaging. In today’s digital world, a tech-driven “Millennial” culture has re-shaped work, consumption, entertainment and even relationship with people. Most of us seem to develop an ambivalent relationship with this technology advancement. Social Media keep us instantly informed and stay connected. In fact, we let ourselves to be locked into a global network because our smartphones never leave us. We all live and work in a fast-changing world that is structured around technology advancement. We all have to adapt to these changes even for elderlies as well. For instance, even banks promote and encourage E-statement instead of a hardcopy bank statement. Everything around us has been going digitalised.

      I strongly agree with you that with the right approach to using social media marketing allows consumers to be aware of events happening on the other side of the world, rather than making a trip down to retail stores. It helps in building and participating in the community to interact and share related information. For instance, like the game lovers can join game related communities, consumers who love bakery can join communities related to pastries or culinary. However, we, as a user, must also take own responsibility and beware of the risk in cyberbullying, hacking, security issues, reputation and many more. It is all about the usage and getting things done positively by using the power of social media. =)


  2. I agree that with social media is something current millennials are unable to live without, and companies should build on this to generate interest in their present and new products / services. However, I think that with so many sites around, companies should be selective on which channel they are form to best attract their target audience. Social media is also a double-edged sword these days, as something negative can turn potential customers away.

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    1. Hi Kimberly. Yes, you’re right! Social media marketing has become a natural part of our life that even the elderlies have to adapt to technology advancement. When social media marketing tools are selected correctly and done well, it can effectively send a legitimate message to the target audience through engagement. Social media marketing can help businesses to attract the larger scale of potential customers. I agree with you too that social media can be double-edged sword these days if firms do not use it correctly. It can leave a negative impact and brand’s reputation will be affected. With positive rewards from the current satisfied consumers can lead to many more potential leads. If businesses were to receive any negative reviews, they should handle it well on social media. Firms can privately message them or by giving them a courtesy call to find out what are the underlying issue that consumer is facing with the product/services. By doing so allow consumers to feel that the businesses are doing well in their service recovery as well as companies know how to improve themselves better through all consumers opinions and feedbacks and thus leading to a better reputation and brand loyalty. Therefore, I agree that any negativity that consumers received/impression can turn potential customers away.


  3. Social media really has shaped modern marketing and its constantly evolving to fit our fast paced world.

    *We can offer answers, personalize solutions and leave them in comments for clients to read.

    *We get lots of followers without paying too much. Advertisement will just be an option, but if handling your own page well will get you thousands or millions of followers without paying a dime and if your posts will go viral you get free publicity. How great is that? 😂

    So we encourage new emerging businesses here in Philippines to make their own page.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello Peter. Yes, I agree that social media plays a massive role in today’s world. With the increase of users on the social media platform, it has become the best medium to expose campaigns to a broad audience base, enable people to discover and learn new information. Meanwhile, from a marketing point of view, it would be awesome if we can find the lowest cost for media advertising with a massive customer base. Every advertisement or video serves a purpose as to why we would want it to go viral. It is all about increasing brand awareness and hoping that the target market may be keen on your brand. Which may potentially convert them from a prospect to a patronising customer.


  4. Social media certainly offers an abundance of benefits. They are usually free and helps to gain exposures and spread awareness easily as sharing a topic or discussion on the various platforms are relatively simple and convenient. Brands should really leverage on them to achieve their goals/objectives but the other side of it is that social media marketing could be too common nowadays and breaking out of the clutter is the crucial step to attain final success.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Guan Wei, I do agree with you that social media indeed bring an abundance of benefits to the consumers. Such as information, entertainment and even as a messager connecting with people easily. However, to stand out from the competitors, companies should develop a thriving social community where it builds a company’s reputation. When consumer posts a positive review about a brand continuously, it can spread positivity and good reputation of the company in the community. By communicating and gaining trust from the audience, it encourages to establish an influential relationship with consumers leading to an increase in sales. As social media marketing can be positive or negative, affecting a brand, and it all depends on how a company actually manage the response from consumers such as service recovery.


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